Choosing the Right Fence for Your Ranch

ranch fencing with horsesYour ranch is your livelihood, and you want to protect it the best way you can. Fencing makes sense in more ways than one, but the real question is: what’s the best type of fencing material?  At Fiberfence, we have a lot of expertise in ranch fencing in Texas, and we’re happy to provide some information here to make your decision easier.

Cost is one of the first things any rancher will consider. If you have a big property, you’re going to want to find the most economical choice. Some fences are cheap, but they’re not economical. You can choose from wire fences or wooden fences, but they come with drawbacks in lifespan and increased maintenance.

Look for an option such as fiberglass because it provides value. It’s durable and won’t corrode, crack, fade, or splinter. This means you won’t be replacing posts and rails regularly, and any people or animals who use the fence won’t be injured by broken boards or splinters.

Make sure you install ranch fencing in Texas that’s going to keep your livestock in and intruders out. Fiberglass is also good to consider because it won’t conduct electricity if you decide to string electric fencing along with it. The wire will be charged, but the fence won’t.

If you have a small property, you can get away with a decorative wooden fence, for example. If you don’t want the burden of extra work, such as replacing rails, then fiberglass is your best option.

The Benefits of Fiberglass Fencing for Fire Stations

fiberfence at Hurst fire stationFire stations are busy places with large vehicles coming and going — usually very quickly. Installing a fiberglass fence provides an immediate layer of safety for anyone in the area. Protecting people from danger is paramount for firefighters, and the security of the department’s equipment and property is another good reason for a fence.

The fence should be secure, but not evoke visions of a fortress. The station should appear accessible and welcoming to the public it’s meant to serve. Firefighters don’t want to seem unfriendly or unapproachable, so a tasteful fiberglass fence fits the bill.

Also, fiberglass is very low maintenance. It won’t corrode, crack, or fade. These fences always look good, and when they are combined with ornamental gates in Texas, they provide the right touch of security and decorative flair.

In the Texas summer, fiberglass is ideal because it doesn’t conduct the same amount of heat as a metal fence does. No one will get seared by touching it, which is a real risk with steel. This material doesn’t conduct electricity either, so it’s safe to place near power transformers.

Ornamental gates in Texas not only look good in a fiberglass fence, but they also give confidence to firefighters that when leaving for a call, they won’t be stuck behind a massive steel gate that opens slowly, or could even get jammed.

In short, fiberglass is the right blend of durability and attractiveness.

Why a Nonconductive Fence is Important for Transformers

 transformersFiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products combine corrosion resistance, strength, durability, safety, and low maintenance to provide a longer-lasting solution for industrial and commercial applications. There are a variety of product lines that are often used to create a complete FRP solution that will meet customer and industry requirements, such as transformer fencing in Texas.

Fiberglass transformer fencing is used to construct screening and nonconductive security fencing systems. These fencing systems are designed to provide protection and security around electrical equipment, machinery, and other areas that require a non- magnetic, thermally and electrically nonconductive system.

Four significant benefits of fiberglass transformer fencing are:

Electrically & Thermally Non-Conductive – Safety is the foremost concern when dealing with electrical infrastructure. FRP, being electrically nonconductive, significantly enhances safety. In the event of an electrical fault or surge, fiberglass transformer fencing acts as a barrier that doesn’t conduct electricity. This feature is essential for preventing accidents and ensuring the well-being of personnel working around transformers and electrical installations.

Fire Safety Considerations – Within the world of electrical equipment, fire safety stands out as an absolutely critical consideration. Fiberglass transformer fencing emerges as a solution that not only safeguards against electrical hazards but also bolsters overall fire safety. The fire-retardant properties of FRP ensure that the fence itself doesn’t become a source of fuel in the event of a fire outbreak. Consequently, when devising strategies for addressing fire hazards in transformer areas, incorporating such fencing ranks high on the fire marshall inspection checklist for enhanced safety measures.

Corrosion Resistant – Transformers and electrical equipment are often located in challenging environments, exposed to the elements and various chemicals. Here’s where the corrosion-resistant properties of fiberglass transformer fencing shine. FRP’s innate ability to withstand corrosion, even in the harshest conditions, ensures that the fence maintains its structural integrity over the long term. This resistance to corrosion minimizes maintenance requirements, reducing costs and downtime associated with repairs or replacements.

Impact Resistant – Accidents happen, and equipment can sometimes be subjected to impacts or collisions. In such scenarios, fiberglass transformer fencing demonstrates its robustness. Compared to steel gratings, other fiberglass products exhibit superior impact resistance. This means that even in the face of unexpected physical stress, FRP fencing remains intact, fulfilling its protective role effectively.

Other Important Advantages of Fiberglass Transformer Fencing:

  • Invisible to RF & Microwave Transmissions: FRP’s nonconductive nature extends to radio frequency (RF) and microwave transmissions. This feature is crucial in environments where communication equipment is in use, as it ensures that the fence doesn’t interfere with signals.
  • Low Installation Cost: Fiberglass transformer fencing is not only highly effective but also cost-efficient to install. Its lightweight nature simplifies the installation process, often requiring fewer resources and manpower.
  • Long Service Life: Durability is a hallmark of FRP products. Fiberglass transformer fencing boasts a long service life, making it a wise investment that pays off over time.
  • Non-Magnetic: Being non-magnetic, FRP fencing doesn’t interfere with sensitive equipment that relies on precise magnetic fields.
  • Low Maintenance: With its resistance to corrosion and impact, fiberglass transformer fencing demands minimal maintenance. This translates to further cost savings and reduced operational disruptions.
  • High Strength: FRP products are known for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. This means that fiberglass transformer fencing provides robust protection without excessive bulk.
  • Anti-Climb (Micro-Mesh): To deter unauthorized access, FRP fencing can be equipped with anti-climb features like micro-mesh designs, enhancing security.

The bottom line is that fiberglass transformer fencing is a versatile and essential component in ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical infrastructure. Its unique blend of properties, including electrical non-conductivity, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and fire retardancy, makes it an ideal choice for protecting transformers and electrical equipment. In an ever-evolving electrical landscape, FRP products continue to play a crucial role in enhancing safety and efficiency.

Invest in a Maintenance-Free Decking Solution

fiberglass decking texasMore homeowners are realizing the benefits of composite or fiberglass decking in Texas. There are some significant advantages over traditional wood. Outdoor living enthusiasts are drawn to the low maintenance, and for others, the aesthetic endurance of the color-rich boards wins them over.

Materials That Prevent Weathering, Warping, Splintering, or Fading

Fiberglass decking is resistant to moisture, weathering, splintering, and fading. It is much less susceptible to erosion, bleaching, and overall degeneration that traditional wood undergoes when exposed to outdoor weather.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Decks should stand the test of time. Because of the premium performance of fiberglass decking, there are generally industry-leading warranties.

Protective Capping To Prevent Mold & Mildew

For lots of homeowners, one of the primary advantages of fiberglass decking is the security provided by the protective caps. Fiberglass decking offers superior protection against moisture and even keeps mold and moisture damage out.

People who are aware of mold’s nature may also be aware of how dangerous it can be. And they would certainly be relieved to learn about protective capping. Sure, getting the mold removed by professionals offering water damage restoration minneapolis, or elsewhere, is quite convenient these days. But, avoiding such a thing from happening, in the first place, is something we should all look forward to.

Low Maintenance

Traditional wood decks need maintenance at least every three years and also need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. This is a labor-intensive (and costly) process. Fiberglass decking has a durability that wood can’t match. Fiberglass decking never needs sanding, staining, or sealing to maintain its gorgeous color. Removing dirt, dust, or pollen is easy and fuss-free, needing only spot treatment or a light washing.

Why Invest in a Security Fence?

security fence texasA security fence in Texas (and other states too) is a smart investment. By unifying aesthetics with practicality, this addition to your property can be one of the most worthwhile investments as a property owner. If you are still deciding on whether you should add fencing to your home or place of business, here are a few reasons why you should consider the option.

Security: Any smart Texan who wants to keep their home safe probably keeps a gun with a couple of Thermold Magazines at home. It makes people feel safe and secure from any unwanted threats. Similarly, a good first line of defense for your home could be investing in a good security fence. Not only are they hard to get through, but they also make a clear boundary between your private property and the public.

When you look at modern security trends, you would imagine CCTV surveillance, alarms, motion detectors, and other similar gadgets. But the fact of the matter is that people tend to leave their security measures to just technical gadgets and not much physical security. This could make it easy for suspicious people to steal if they know how to diffuse the security systems. Here is where traditional security methods would be more practical because sometimes a little security is needed is needed to protect your home or your office. With traditional security elements like a trained guard, a strong fence, and a guard dog, you could be assured that your building/home/store is safer and well-guarded.

Visual Appeal: First impressions make a difference. A security fence can be one of the most visually impactful elements on your property. As a homeowner, you have likely taken up a renovation project or two, likely by employing the services of a Construction company in Orlando, FL (or closer to you), and made many changes to your home for functionality and aesthetic appeal. A fence can act as the finishing touch for all of that and boost the look of your home significantly. Many fences are available in different materials, styles, and colors. Certain materials like vinyl and fiberglass can take on the appearance of traditional materials like wood.

Peace of Mind: One of the primary reasons to install a security fence is to strengthen a sense of safety. Fences are physical barriers and can make potential intruders, thieves, or vandals think twice before setting foot on your property. This can be especially helpful if you have bought an overseas property as an asset but aren’t sure when you will move there. You may have done enough research to find just the right mortgage advisors to shortlist that property, such as Simon Conn website here. The inability, however, to protect that property can take away all your mental peace.

Privacy: A flagship feature of security fencing is the slats, which are taller than most people. When arranged side by side or in a shadowbox configuration, they become an effective visual barrier. Prying eyes won’t be able to see what’s going on at your property–or get any ideas of what valuables you have stowed away.

Security fencing is a sound investment. By installing a fence, you are reinforcing your safety while elevating your property’s value and visual appeal. Request an estimate from a fencing contractor to get a better idea about your options.

How a Privacy Fence Improves Your Property

privacy fence around yard with hot tubIn today’s always online and ever-connected world, it’s tough to think that you are truly alone. Therefore, it is a worthy endeavor to invest in the sense of seclusion, especially when it comes to your own home. A time-tested addition to your property is fencing. While the materials for fencing include wood or steel, a privacy fence in Texas can now be constructed with a new material: fiberglass.

Fiberglass privacy fencing has many advantages. It has three times the tensile strength of steel, and it won’t conduct heat or cold. The slats for the fencing are available in many colors–including wood grain. This style of privacy fencing has many advantages, including:

Visual Seclusion: Many homeowners are embracing smart technology, especially cameras. As a consequence, your neighbors might be unwittingly spying on you, and neither of you would really know it. Tall fencing can keep your yard off-limits, ensuring nobody but people you trust can see what is going on. This can also add to the curb appeal of your property by not only providing privacy from outsiders but also a sense of security as a tall fence could potentially keep trespassers out. Speaking of curb appeal and privacy, the use of blinds could also provide similar features that a tall fence can. This could also provide you with shade from the sun should you want to relax on your verandah, patio, or porch. With a variety of options available in companies such as True Value Outdoor Blinds, you could choose and install added multi-functional privacy measures.

Access Control: Keeping things locked down and secure should be your priority as a homeowner. What good is that fancy lawnmower or barbecue if people can stroll into your yard and walk away with them? Fiberglass fencing acts as a physical barrier that deters would-be intruders, vandals, and thieves.

Before going for wood or steel, privacy fencing made from fiberglass should also be on your shortlist. Consult with your local fencing contractor to go over your build options.

Why You Should Choose Fiberglass Fencing for Your Ranch

horses standing behind a white fenceRanch fencing needs to be built tough to withstand the elements and keep the animals safe and contained. While wood fences are the traditional choice, more and more property owners are choosing innovative alternatives like fiberglass.

In the same innovative spirit, ranch owners are also rethinking their stable and barn designs. Rather than the traditional wood structures, they are opting for new materials and layouts that optimize space, enhance ventilation, and improve overall animal welfare.

Read on to find out why so many people choose fiberglass fencing in Texas for their ranches.

Weatherproof and Non-Conductive

Any outdoor feature will get baked by the sun, pelted with rain and snow, and hit by strong winds. That’s why it’s important to choose a fence that won’t splinter, rust, crack, or peel. Not only are fiberglass fences weatherproof, but also they are non-conductive. That means you don’t need to worry about a person or animal burning themselves by pressing against the fence on a hot day.

When designing stables and barns with the help of stable manufacturers uk (or elsewhere), it’s crucial to take the same weather conditions into account. The trend towards barn designs featuring high ceilings and open plans ensures maximum airflow and keeps the interior comfortable no matter the weather. In addition, fiberglass can also be used in the construction of barns due to its weather-resistant properties, creating a consistent aesthetic with the fencing.

Lightweight and Strong

Fiberglass has three times as much tensile strength as steel. Despite all that strength, it’s also remarkably lightweight, making it easier to install.

Mirroring this trend, modern barn and stable designs are moving away from heavy, cumbersome structures and toward lightweight, yet robust, materials. For instance, fiberglass components can be used in barn construction, providing a light, durable solution that matches the strength and practicality of the fencing.


Ranch owners are busy enough without adding fence maintenance to the to-do list. By choosing fiberglass fencing, you skip any need for ongoing maintenance. You won’t need to concern yourself with painting, staining, sealing, or other such preventative measures. Furthermore, it’s bug-proof and difficult to damage, so you’ll most likely never need repairs.

Similarly, modern barn designs using fiberglass minimize maintenance needs. The same properties that make fiberglass an excellent choice for fencing-resistance to pests, weatherproofing, and a lack of required paint or stain-make it an equally smart choice for barn and stable construction.

With these considerations, it becomes clear why fiberglass is a top choice for both fencing and barns on modern ranches.

Increase Your Curb Appeal with a New Ornamental Fence

ornamental fence around a poolWhen considering new fencing, people often focus on their practical features like material longevity, privacy, security, and low maintenance needs. However, the right fence can offer both exceptional beauty and valuable benefits. Explore your options for an ornamental fence in Texas to find the perfect addition for your property.

A home’s curb appeal is very important as it is the very first thing people observe about a property. The value of a house increases or decreases based on the curb appeal it has, which includes the fence, siding, front yard, porch, and so on. Siding and fence are the integral ones here. Many people install beautiful hardwood or vinyl siding to increase their curb appeal, with the help of professionals at and similar websites. As for the fence, there are different options for that as well.

Choosing a Fence That Beautifies

With so many different styles available, how do you choose the fencing that will most effectively increase your curb appeal? We are not talking about the exterior of your house. Hiring companies like My House Painter can ensure that your walls are beautiful. But when it comes to the fence, you’ll need to consider color, height, and overall style.

Ideally, your fencing’s color should complement the shades of your building’s exterior. Some colors like black will pair well with nearly any other shade. However, it’s worthwhile to think about how different combinations might look.

Ornamental fences come in a wide range of heights. Some are quite short, serving to establish a boundary rather than enhance security. Others are tall, posing a significant obstacle to any would-be intruders. Think about how your fence’s height will appear against your landscape to choose a beautifying option. Apart from fences, you can renovate other outdoor constructions such as pavements. For instance, over time, the driveway or pavement of your property might have sunk due to waterlogging. In that case, you can take the help of concrete lifting professionals who can lift the slabs of the driveway to a proper height. You can also paint the exterior of your home to improve the curb appeal. All said and done, fences are the first thing that one would notice passing by your house. Therefore, Homeowners tend to focus more on quality ornamental fencing.
Additionally, they can also add more value to their homes by maintaining a beautiful lawn. They can achieve this by opting for Local Lawn Care Services provided by agencies located near them.

Finally, ornamental fencing comes in a diverse array of styles, ranging from uncomplicated elegance to bold fashions. Make sure the design you choose complements the overall style of your property. Remember, when in doubt, it’s best to keep things simple.

Invest in Low-Maintenance Outdoor Entertainment with a Fiberglass Deck

woodgrain fiberglass deckingThere’s nothing quite like relaxing in the great outdoors. Whether you’re hosting a family barbeque or just enjoying a little alone time under the stars after a long day of work and play, a deck is always a great choice. It’s the perfect way to bring the comforts of home to the outdoors. Plus, it’s a great way to add value to your home. Decks are one of the most cost-effective ways to add outdoor living space to your home.

However, the maintenance costs and the hassle of upkeep often turn away many potential deck buyers. It usually requires regular cleaning to keep the shine maintained and sealing to protect it from the elements, which can also add to the cost of upkeep. That’s why it’s such a good idea to invest in fiber decking in Texas, London, New Zealand (or wherever it is that you are based) instead of going for wooden ones.

Fiberglass decking is resilient and stable. Its surface is non-porous and waterproof, which means it is highly resistant to moisture. Unlike many decking materials, it will not rot or warp over time. This makes your deck a valuable investment and ensures that you don’t have to worry about its appearance much as the years go by.

Sure, homeowners do have the choice of getting glass canopies or shades over their decks to protect them from heat, rainwater, snow, or other elements and it can be a great option as well. However, for those whose decks have already been exposed to the elements for quite some time, replacing them with fiber decks may be your only option.

Needless to say, fiber decks are more durable and can withstand the wear and tear of harsh weather conditions. They are also more cost-effective in the long run, as they require less maintenance and repair. Fiber decks are also more aesthetically pleasing and can add value to a home.

Maintaining Your Fiberglass Deck

Fiberglass deck maintenance is a breeze. Now and then, you’ll need to sweep the deck to get rid of dirt and dust that has accumulated on its surface. A damp mop also works. If you do need a more thorough cleaning, use a mild detergent with warm (tap) water.

You’ll find that taking care of your fiberglass deck is simple and easy. Occasionally, if you need a deep clean, you can use a high-pressure Deck Wash, which is highly effective in removing deep-seated dirt and stains. Be sure to use a low-pressure nozzle to avoid damaging the fiberglass.

After cleaning, you should apply a wax, made for decks to add a protective layer that will help prevent future dirt and stains from adhering to the deck. You should also reapply the wax every few months to ensure the deck is properly protected.

With that said, it becomes evident that investing in this affordable, low-maintenance deck type will save you a lot of time and energy. Fiberglass decking is becoming increasingly popular because of its durability, low maintenance requirements, and budget-friendly price point. It can be a great solution for homeowners looking for a long-term decking material that won’t break the bank.

The Benefits of a Fiberglass Fence

wood-look fiberglass fence around a poolFencing is an essential part of many types of properties. Whether you’re adding a fence as part of a security application, or just looking for a little added privacy, it is important to choose the right option for your particular needs. One option to consider is purchasing a fiberglass fence in Texas.

Fiberglass fencing offers a broad range of benefits. It is a premium solution, which is both resilient and pleasing to the eye. Unlike many fencing types, fiberglass doesn’t need to be resealed. This material is waterproof throughout, which means you can count on it to stand up to the elements for years to come.

An Affordable Privacy Solution

You want to feel comfortable on your property. Adding privacy fencing is a great way to accomplish the level of comfort you desire. With a fiberglass privacy fence, you can enjoy peace and quiet in your yard without having to worry about rotting wood planks falling off your fence.
There are many colors and styles of fiberglass fencing to choose from; all you have to do is find the one that’s right for you. Fiberglass is a cost-effective material, which means fencing a large area is feasible on a budget. You’re sure to love the aesthetic value and peace of mind this type of fence adds to your property.