Invest in a Maintenance-Free Decking Solution

fiberglass decking texasMore homeowners are realizing the benefits of composite or fiberglass decking in Texas. There are some significant advantages over traditional wood. Outdoor living enthusiasts are drawn to the low maintenance, and for others, the aesthetic endurance of the color-rich boards wins them over.

Materials That Prevent Weathering, Warping, Splintering, or Fading

Fiberglass decking is resistant to moisture, weathering, splintering, and fading. It is much less susceptible to erosion, bleaching, and overall degeneration that traditional wood undergoes when exposed to outdoor weather.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Decks should stand the test of time. Because of the premium performance of fiberglass decking, there are generally industry-leading warranties.

Protective Capping To Prevent Mold & Mildew

For lots of homeowners, one of the primary advantages of fiberglass decking is the security provided by the protective caps. Fiberglass decking offers superior protection against moisture and even keeps mold and moisture damage out.

People who are aware of mold’s nature may also be aware of how dangerous it can be. And they would certainly be relieved to learn about protective capping. Sure, getting the mold removed by professionals offering water damage restoration minneapolis, or elsewhere, is quite convenient these days. But, avoiding such a thing from happening, in the first place, is something we should all look forward to.

Low Maintenance

Traditional wood decks need maintenance at least every three years and also need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. This is a labor-intensive (and costly) process. Fiberglass decking has a durability that wood can’t match. Fiberglass decking never needs sanding, staining, or sealing to maintain its gorgeous color. Removing dirt, dust, or pollen is easy and fuss-free, needing only spot treatment or a light washing.