The Process of Our Fiberglass Fences in the US and Canada

Our fiberglass fences, including our composite privacy fence, ornamental pickets, and rails, have set an industry standard for strength longevity. However, how did we achieve this level of quality? The secret is our products’ high glass content, as well as the pultrusion manufacturing method.

Pultrusion fiberglass manufacturing is the process by which fiberglass products are made using a straight line, 100-foot-long machine. Various glass products, such as roving, are pulled through a resin bath loaded with a chemical formula to make our patented composite products.

This combination of glass, resin, and other components is then pulled through steel dies heated to more than 400° Fahrenheit. The combination moves slowly through the die until it exits as a cool, perfectly formed product. It runs until it is cut and assembled according to your specifications.

Tailored to Your Needs

Every Fiberfence® product comes with a lifetime warranty, UV protection, and long-lasting built-in color, whether you choose standard or custom. After manufacturing, your product is cut and assembled to your specifications.

Ordinarily, we do not apply a coating to Fiberfence® or privacy-style fences. However, an optional coating is available for our non-conductive fencing. This coating adds a sheen, which bonds to the fiberglass and offers enhanced UV protection and beauty. Both color and sheen can be adjusted per your request.

Contact us today to learn more about our approach to manufacturing your next white privacy fence in Texas, or to discuss your specific design needs.