Fiberfence is a fiberglass composite fence product that is maintenance free. It is manufactured using the fiberglass pultrusion process. Pultrusion is a process whereby glass filaments and roving along with polyester veil are pulled through a resin bath containing other materials and then pulled continually through a steel die and heated over 400 degrees to form a perfect product. fiberfence, a pultruded fence product line, is 3 times the strength of steel, weatherproof, waterproof, non-conductive and maintenance free. This patented fence product will not rot, rust, crack, peel, or warp. It is chemical and UV resistant.

Pultrusion manufacturing process is continuous. Glass components such as roving are combined with resin and other chemicals and ingredients and pulled through a steel die and heated over 400 degrees. These composite materials are pulled slowly through the steel die and exit a perfect product. The pultrusion components continue along the line until cut and assembled. All orders are manufactured shipped according to specifications.

Fiberfence is manufactured in various fence styles that imitate wood or imitate steel or wrought iron. There are standard and custom decorative ornamental and wood look fence. Fiberfence is available in a variety of standard and custom colors.

Fiberfence Princeton Fiberglass Ornamental Fencing

Fiberfence Princeton Fiberglass Ornamental Fencing

Fiberfence fiberglass fencing systems cannot be outperformed. Recognized as an fence industry best, it is utilized for residential and commercial purposes. F&F is proud to say they have a long list of signature customers, some of which are our own Army, Navy and FAA. Conductivity has become a concern of today. Fiberfence answers that concern by being non-conductive in the most modern and practical of styles, colors and shapes.
Fiberfence offers a beautiful, lifetime, quality product that looks great but serves as protection against electricity or radiation as well as physical barriers that exceed the strength of any other fence! Buy Fiberfence to enhance and secure property wherever it is installed.


It is F&F Composite Group, Inc.’s mission to provide excellent products that make our world a safer, cleaner, chemical free and more beautiful place to live.

Our goal is to provide excellent sustainable green products that improve our lives with outstanding innovative daily use products. We value our customers and want them to have the best in service for their high quality products.


F&F Composite Group, Inc. is a pultrusion fiberglass manufacturer. Corporate offices are located in Keller, Texas.
Original products entered the marketplace over 23 years ago and have since become a green industry standard. Products are unique, one of a kind and patented. Fiberfence is sold nationwide and in other countries.

We are among the few companies in the US that produce pultruded fiberglass products and the ONLY COMPANY in the world that produces 100% pultruded fiberglass fencing products designed for ornamental, privacy and ranch fencing applications.

Fiberfence Princeton Fiberglass Ornamental Fencing