Commercial or Residential

Affordable & Durable Custom Privacy Fencing

Increase the security of your residential or commercial property with custom privacy fencing. Fiberfence® solutions are designed to provide unparalleled protection while enhancing any space’s aesthetics with durable and lightweight fiberglass products. Our fences capture the beauty and curb appeal of traditional fencing materials, preserving the property’s privacy. From noise reduction to peace of mind regarding security, fences are the ideal, cost-effective solution for home and business owners.

Advantages of Installing Our Fences

Install a fence on your property for numerous benefits. It provides curb appeal, security, and can reduce noise pollution. It’s also an extra layer of protection against trespassers. With our customized fences, property owners remain out of sight from unwelcome onlookers while enhancing the aesthetics of their homes or businesses.

Our fiberglass fencing panels are an alternative to steel and wood products, featuring the following advantage for an affordable price:

  • A Material with Three Times the Tensile Strength of Steel
  • Resistance to Extreme Temperatures, Expansion, and Contraction
  • Weatherproof and Non-Conductive Surfaces
  • Lightweight Performance
  • Immunity to Bugs and Animals
  • Freedom from Rust, Cracks, and Peeling
  • Virtually No Required Maintenance


 Fiberfence Fiberglass Privacy Fencing
 Fiberfence Fiberglass Privacy Fencing
 Fiberfence Fiberglass Privacy Fencing
 Fiberfence Fiberglass Privacy Fencing
 Fiberfence Fiberglass Privacy Fencing


 Fiberfence Fiberglass Privacy Fencing
 Fiberfence Fiberglass Privacy Fencing
Woodgrain Brown
 Fiberfence Fiberglass Privacy Fencing


Our innovative fiberglass fencing panels come in a wide range of customizable options to suit any property. Choose from different heights, widths, and styles to create a fence that meets your needs. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and results that exceed our client’s expectations.

Walk Swing Gate (6’ x 4’ Typical)

  • Enhance the functionality and appearance of your commercial or residential entrance with our Walk Swing Gate. Its hardware package includes two sturdy posts, hinges for ornamental walk gates made from robust composite material, and a lockable latch to provide advanced security.

Double Swing Drive Gate (6′ x 8′, 6′ x 10′, and 6′ x 12′ Typical)

  • Keep your home secure with our high-quality Double Swing Drive Gate. This gate comes with all hardware needed for installation, including two posts, hinges, a latch, and drop rods for closure. Additionally, a lockable latch adds extra protection to our customers’ homes.

Driveway Swing Gate (6′ x 10′ Typical)

  • The Driveway Swing Gate for residential applications has hardware that includes two posts, hinges, an automatic operator, and lockable latches. As a custom privacy fence, it also features wheel support tailored to handle various gate widths.

Sliding Gate (6′ x 25′ Typical)

  • Safeguard any commercial space, such as fire and police stations, or anywhere with secured parking with our Sliding Gate. This custom privacy fence is fully equipped with high-quality hardware such as a steel v-track, automatic opener, four posts for reliable reception guide and one closure side, chains, and battery back-up. Plus, customers receive a photo-eye, loop-in concrete, keypad, and handheld transmitters as bonus items with their purchase.

Cantilevered Gate (6′ x 25′)

  • Improve the security of your business with our Cantilevered Gate. This gate operates with an overhead aluminum tracking guide and is also equipped with steel v-track hardware (optional), an automatic opener, an overhead aluminum track, four posts for the reception guide, and one closure side. Additionally, our gate comes with various accessories, including a photo-eye, loop-in concrete, keypad, and handheld transmitters. Get in touch with our experienced operator suppliers for more information about our custom privacy fences.

Installation Note: For optimal gate stability, it is recommended to install hinge sides an extra foot deep for a 6’ tall post, resulting in a depth of 2’ in the ground. Additionally, a hinged gate post should be buried 3’ deep for maximum support.

Due to the relative inconsistencies of various display monitors, the colors you see on your screen may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual product. While we’ve made every effort to represent our standard colors as accurately as possible, the images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. To request an actual color sample of any privacy product shown on our site, please call 817.379.4411 or visit our Contact page to send your request.