Best Value for Money in 20 Years!

We ordered Fiberfence privacy unassembled and have never been happier with any purchase in the last 20 years! It is so beautiful! It was easy to install. Never has to be replaced. We had a great experience with F&F Composite Group and recommend them highly! This fence is so great! Susie and Ron D. Warren, MI.

Installer for Daniels Construction

“Before we had Fiberfence (around these transformers for the Grid) you could not walk past this area. This fence saves lives!” Brad B.

Residential Customer

Fiberfence is just beautiful! I have lived in my home for over fifty years and Fiberfence brought new life to it! It’s worry free and a joy to own. It really made my house come alive!

Prime Construction

Fiberfence is a wonderful maintenance free product we highly recommend, and F&F has been great to work with on our large-scale projects. Fiberfence is a dollar saving solution for our customers. It saves company and tax payer money and that counts.

City of Brenham, TX

Thank you for a job well done! Working with your team to understand the product, testing in our environment, and getting the project bid and complete, was all an easy accomplishment. We’re excited that this is the last fence we’ll have to install and paint in the next century.

Federal Aviation Agency

The Fiberfence we purchased for the KONA International Airport VOR project is a great product! The fence doesn’t interfere with electronic signals, lightweight, easy to install, will not deteriorate, requires no painting, great for use in a tropical environment, and the cost is reasonable.

City of Fort Worth, TX

“Thank you for the excellent job on Fire Station 39. Fiberfence (fiberglass fencing) has all the utility and features that we look for in a durable fence. It’s maintenance free, pleasing to the eye, has a lifetime warranty and utilizes our City Funds in an efficient way. J. Durham”
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