The Dos And Don’ts Of Installing A Security Fence

security fenceAll homeowners know that a good security fence is the first line of defense against unwanted intruders on your property. But what makes a “good” security fence? This type of fence installation is all about the details. If you want a security fence in Texas that will truly protect your home, here’s what to do and what not to do.

The Dos

DO check with your local building authority first, before you start to plan your security fence installation. Find out whether you need to apply for a permit. The height of residential fences is likely to be restricted, and they are usually a maximum of three to four feet for the front of your property and six feet for a backyard security fence.

DO contact your homeowners’ insurance provider. Security fence installation may offer a discount in terms of lowered premiums. With the increased security of your property, the premium for your house can decrease exponentially. However, before providing such benefits, the insurance company might send an inspection office to check on the home security system and accordingly decide the discounted price.

DO remember the primary function of a security fence. Almost all break-ins are random, based on how easy a property looks to get into. While you are planning to establish a fence, you can also think about adding safety alarms for house and the entire property. This additional feature might create a siren sound to warn the neighbors and also the owner in the event of trespassing. A security fence should be designed to stop lawbreakers before they even attempt to enter. Additionally, if you are installing tech security gadgets like CCTV, alarms, and motion detectors, you might need a quality internet connection to automate these appliances and send you SOS on mobile. For that, you can look for hughesnet internet plans or similar services in your neighborhood for complete home security.

The Don’ts

DON’T let security fence height restrictions upset you. For instance, install a chain-link fence with a small enough weave that doesn’t provide handholds or footholds. However, if you are installing a chain-link fence, you may have to also ensure that small animals like squirrels don’t enter your backyard since they can damage plants. For that, you can look for Squirrel Removal services in your neighborhood to get your garden cleaned and maintained, as well as for squirrel control.

DON’T ignore the need for a good gate. Build the gate as tall as the security fence itself so it won’t be a weak point.

DON’T do it on your own. Security fencing is not appropriate for a DIY project. You will need professional know-how. Start by clarifying your security needs and researching companies online. Then, call a dependable fence company for expert security fence solutions.