Explore Your Options for a Security Fence in Texas

Privacy is an important issue for homeowners, and when it comes to privacy, a secure, dependable fence goes a long way toward giving you peace of mind and keeping the world out. A well-constructed security fence in Texas can lessen a homeowner’s anxiety about people looking into their yard and property and can even help reduce noise pollution. Security fencing can help give you more control over your own space, thus promoting a sense of calm and safety at home.

A trusted company like Fiberfence raises the standard for the traditional composite security fence in Texas. In addition to safety and security improvements, our modern, next-generation fencing displays all the beauty and curb appeal homeowners need. Additionally, this fencing is constructed from solid, long-life materials that outperform both steel and wood in almost every assessment.

Durable, lightweight, and effective at preserving privacy, pickets are available in 4” or 6” wide vertical slates and come in both standard and custom solid colors, as well as a wood grain option.

Value For Your Money

Fiberfence believes that customers deserve value for their money. This is why we offer the following features on our appealing security fence alternative:

  • Weatherproof and Non-Conductive Surfaces
  • A Material with Three Times the Tensile Strength of Steel
  • Resistance to Extreme Temperatures, Expansion, and Contraction
  • High Performance and Easy Installation